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As major local employers, we will share and embed good practice to improve EDI with our workplaces, improve access to employment opportunities in the local area, and establish a forum to support local employers to achieve this too. The diversification of the workforce project has been piloted for this year, which aims to drive activity across the partnership more effectively.  

The programme of activity has been co-designed with signatory partners and will establish sustainable partnership working in this space and support the transition from ideas to implementation. This will ultimately embed new approaches into business as usual across all employers in the region. 

This project will improve collaboration between partners when engaging with local communities, and cross-organisational development and mentorship schemes. 

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Inclusive Recruitment Charter

Throughout the partnership, we have worked to ensure our recruitment processes are supportive and inclusive. We encourage innovative methods for removing barriers to applicants and want to make this consistent across all stages of the recruitment process. We believe this Charter will make our recruitment process more transparent and accessible to you.  

As this work continues to help our local people into employment that works for them, we will encourage other local employers to sign up to the Charter too.  

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