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We will better connect the expertise and energy of our innovative, creative student and academic community with initiatives that directly benefit our local communities.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Tackle local priorities together.
  • Build safe and respectful communities.
Co(l)laboratory: Supporting local people to undertake research to improve the lives of local communities

The research taking place within our universities is a key resource for our area, and we are keen to align it with local challenges. Launched in October 2022, the £5.1m Co(l)laboratory project is a new way for local organisations and individuals to identify challenges and work with both
universities to direct research priorities. Over the next eight years, the Co(l)laboratory programme of work will train 50 PhD students and provide 25 paid ‘Citizen Scientist’ research placements, all working on solutions to regional issues.

The first group of projects have been developed in collaboration with local partners, including Nottingham City Council, Skate Nottingham, and the Pythian Club. They seek to address challenges affecting the community; such as mental health provision, understanding youth violence in Nottingham, local experiences of modern slave labour practices, and much more.

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Working together to support the integration of our students into our local communities: Student Living Strategy

Students are crucial to the culture of a city; its economy and social scene; and national and international reputation. That’s why the universities and Nottingham City Council have worked together, to build strong relationships between students and the city, which reflects the diverse needs of different residents. The Student Living Strategy is the culmination of this work.

Additionally, it aims to develop solutions and improvements to some of the practical issues and better integrate students into the wider Nottingham community; building a balanced understanding of the benefits students bring to Nottingham.

The strategy sets out three priorities:

  • Providing diverse and appropriate student accommodation.
  • Working together to tackle any waste and noise issues.
  • Promoting the benefits that the student population brings to Nottingham. 

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