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Our Civic Agreement

As partners in this pioneering project, we are passionate advocates for our place, people, and communities. We have a shared mission to improve levels of prosperity, opportunity, sustainability, health and wellbeing for residents and the communities that unite us.

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The Civic Agreement is underpinned by a recognition that, as ‘anchor institutions’, each of the signatories to this agreement is linked integrally to the place and people of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. We enhance the economic, social, and cultural life, and the health and wellbeing of the City and County. In turn, our staff and students, our patients and our residents become part of the strong communities that define our area.

As partners in this pioneering project, we are passionate advocates for our place, people, and communities. We have a shared mission to improve levels of prosperity, opportunity, sustainability, health and wellbeing for residents and the communities that unite us.

The updated Universities for Nottingham Civic Agreement builds on the original commitments made by signatory partners in July 2020, at a time when our local area and communities faced unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have learnt from our shared experiences in delivering this agreement. Our partnership working is now more embedded, and this enables us to sharpen our focus and identify collectively where we can most effectively work together to drive local recovery and renewal.

The agreement sets out a programme of priorities and actions which we will champion and drive forward collectively in order to deliver positive change for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. In setting out these priorities, we aim to demonstrate our shared commitment to support the levelling up agenda for our area, strengthening our ability to identify opportunities and giving Government and other bodies confidence in our drive to succeed together.

As part of this, equality, diversity and inclusion remain a top priority for the Universities for Nottingham programme. It underpins our actions and aspirations. We will work hard to ensure that everyone has fair and equitable access to opportunities across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

The Agreement is not intended to reflect the entirety of activity that each signatory partner delivers individually or jointly in the City and County. Rather, it concentrates on where our collective priorities align and where there is a clear value in acting together to improve the experiences, opportunities, and environment for our own communities and those around us.

Economic prosperity

We will deliver an inclusive, sustainable, long term economic recovery which ensures Nottingham and Nottinghamshire is a prosperous place to live, work, study and invest.

We will all be proud, loud advocates for our people and our place.

Our Initiatives

  • Provide innovation, enterprise and skills support for employers and communities with a focus on digital and data. As part of this, we will secure external funding to develop and deliver a programme of digital support designed to harness the combined knowledge and expertise of UoN, NTU and partner organisations to benefit individuals and employers across the City and County.
  • Undertake joint marketing campaigns. We will work with our Students’ Unions, local authorities, the BID, local businesses, and other relevant stakeholders in order to maximise the civic, cultural, and economic opportunities associated with graduation, open days, and student welcome. This will be in readiness for future joint place marketing campaigns and ventures.
  • Develop place advocacy and investment. We will continue to play active roles in advocating for and realising major economic development and placemaking ambitions, to deliver benefit and enhance opportunity for our communities. We will collaborate as appropriate to maximise investments and lever in funds in support of the levelling up agenda, including but not exclusively: Project Alchemy, the East Midlands Freeport, Zero, Digital Nottingham, Tomorrow’s NUH, the Broadmarsh redevelopment and the Automated Distribution and Manufacturing Centre.
  • Support culture, arts, and heritage. We will support and amplify the development of the existing culture, arts and heritage offer within Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. We will champion the exploration of opportunities in these areas relating to the large infrastructure developments across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.
Education partnership, skills and employment

We will target our activities in support of some of our most disadvantaged communities across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to help raise educational attainment.

We will collaborate with, and as, major local employers to develop ‘skills for the future’, ensuring that opportunities are visible and accessible to our local communities.

Female working at a desktop computer.

Our Initiatives 

  • Develop our educational partnership and opportunities. We will work with the Education Partnership Board and key local stakeholders to identify shared ambitions in relation to specific target groups of vulnerable learners, such as those in receipt of the pupil premium. We will pilot and evaluate a shared approach, exploring how our existing provision can support these ambitions and identifying where it can be scalable.
  • Create skills for the future. Working in close partnership with employers and the FE sector, we will create and support a more integrated, flexible, and responsive approach to the provision of skills for the City and County. As part of this, we will look to stimulate the demand for higher-level skills in order to increase the competitiveness of the area and enhance opportunities for local people to secure higher value jobs and embrace a life-long approach to learning.
  • Create improvement in local employment practice. As major local employers, we will share and embed good practice to improve equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the workplace. We will work to improve access to employment opportunities for our local populations and establish a Major Local Employers’ Forum to drive this work forward.
Two University students in a large green house studying plants.
Environmental sustainability

We will develop innovative ways to tackle the barriers to carbon neutrality and strive for a cleaner, more productive, and inclusive local economy.

We will develop actionable approaches to influence behavioural change that supports ambitions to be carbon neutral; increase recycling rates and protect biodiversity.

  Our Initiatives 

  • Drive a zero-carbon research and innovation agenda. The Universities will work with signatory partners to identify opportunities to translate zero-carbon research into practice and to undertake new research to enhance the competitiveness of the area and contribute towards the achievement of carbon neutrality.
  • Encourage large-scale low-/zero-carbon infrastructure and design. Working together, we will undertake the delivery of low-carbon infrastructure and support the transfer of good practice between partners. Low-carbon infrastructure includes large-scale energy generation, carbon neutral construction and district heat network projects.
  • Support behaviour change among our communities.We will design, deliver, and share sustainability campaigns, behavioural insight and good practice across our organisations and communities that contribute to our carbon neutral ambitions, using data and insight from the Green Rewards app.
Health and wellbeing

We will work in partnership to train and retain a high-calibre healthcare workforce and maximise the economic opportunities provided by strong local health, life sciences and MedTech sectors.

Our Initiatives 

  • Establish a Nottinghamshire MedTech Innovation Cluster. In collaboration with core stakeholders and academics, our ambition is to make Nottingham and Nottinghamshire a leading destination in which to invest or establish new businesses in health and life sciences.
  • Tackle clinical skills needs across the local healthcare system. The universities and healthcare partners will continue to work together to tackle gaps in the local healthcare workforce, developing post-registration programmes that further develop the skills of the existing workforce.
  • Collaborate on flagship healthcare initiatives such as the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre which enable a step change in regional healthcare outcomes and strengthen Nottingham and Nottinghamshire’s position and reputation as a centre for clinical excellence.
Community connections

We will better connect the expertise and energy of our innovative, creative student and academic community with initiatives that directly benefit our local communities.

Our Initiatives

  • Tackle local priorities together. Working closely with local stakeholders and signatory partners, we will explore ways for academic expertise and student activities to be well connected to local agendas, challenges, and communities through initiatives such as the UfN Expert Advisory Group, student projects in and for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and place-based Doctoral Training Partnerships.
  • Build safe and respectful communities. We will develop a collaborative approach to community safety and cohesion through the delivery of a joint Student Living Strategy and a commitment to progress our shared endeavours to improve women’s safety within our organisations and wider communities.