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We will develop innovative ways to tackle the barriers to carbon neutrality and strive for a cleaner, more productive, and inclusive local economy.

We will develop actionable approaches to influence behavioural change that supports ambitions to be carbon neutral; increase recycling rates and protect biodiversity.

In order to achieve this we will: 

  • Drive a zero-carbon research and innovation agenda. 
  • Encourage large-scale low/zero carbon infrastructure and design. 
  • Support behaviour change amongst our communities. 
Monitoring, encouraging and rewarding sustainable choices across our communities

The UfN partnership continues to champion the use of the Green Rewards App, which encourages sustainable behaviour and change by logging and incentivising carbon reduction actions amongst local citizens. Use and promotion of the Green Rewards App has now been rolled out across both universities and most local authorities across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

You can find out more on the Green Rewards App website. 

Nottingham Climate Emergency Design Initiative

The Nottingham Climate Emergency Design Initiative (CEDI) brings together professionals in the field of the built environment to provide technical advice and support to help the City achieve its carbon neutral targets.

Academics from both universities, developers, engineers, architects, planners, sustainability professionals and others volunteer their time and expertise to work with the City Council, ensuring that buildings and developments align with carbon neutrality targets and help Nottingham on its path for a zero-carbon future.

For more info please visit the CEDI website.

Nottingham Packs for Good!

Each year both universities, the City Council and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) work together to deliver the Nottingham Pack for Good scheme. As students vacate their Nottingham home, the scheme provides the opportunity to donate unwanted items such as clothes, electricals, books and furniture to BHF collection banks on campus and in the local community.

During 2022, students studying at NTU and the University of Nottingham – both those living on campus and in privately rented accommodation in the city – donated a staggering 6,230 bags of unwanted items to the British Heart Foundation (BHF), as part of its Pack for Good Campaign.

Raising £87,220 through the sale of goods at the charity’s network of shops, the donations also diverted almost 50 tonnes from landfill, the equivalent of 294,163 kg of CO2 emissions.